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Live Support Pro

Live Support Pro

Live Support 1.0.1

Live Support is a support system where your members or users can get help live from your approved tech's.

With the Live Support you will be able to give your users the help they need without them having to wait on emails and forums.

This system uses php and a database to store the user information, live chat messages.
Giving live chat to your users helps them get answers quicker and will help them use your game or app quicker.

There is only 1 scenes within the package.

User login, User signup and forgot password.

Users And Admins will be able to share files screenshots and more as there is a new option within the chat to share a file with the tech or user.

Also added is emoji's so that its easier for users and techs to express them self's

Once users have logged in the admin will be able to click a users name where a new menu will open,
This menu gives the admin a few options,
1: Message the user ( This will send a message to that user to answer the call )
2: Kick user ( This will kick the user from the live chat system and they would have to login again )
3: Ban user ( This will let the admin ban a user from the live support system, user then would not be able to login to the support system )
4: Promote/Demote user ( admin can upgrade a user to become a tech within the live support system )