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License Manager

License Manager

License Manager 1.1

License Manager is a complete license manager system for protecting your hard work.

With the License Manager you will be able to manage products, users license codes and add subscriptions.

This system uses php and a database to store the license codes.
All license keys are encoded in the database and only decrypted within the game.

There are 2 scenes within the package.

is the license key system where you can manage products, users, subscriptions and license keys.
Is a simple test to show you how to use the license key system within the game.

This system was made to protect your work as much as it can with a license code,
where your users would have to enter before they could play your game or app.
With and license system there will always be away round the keys, as no license system is 100%, as all the big software developers would tell you like Microsoft, apple, google and many more.
I cannot and will not say this system is any better than any other license system but it will protect your game to a degree.

User Management
Product Management
License key Management ( per product )
Subscriptions Per License Or Per Product.

Easy to setup.

Your will need to have your own website and access to your own database, as this system is web based.